Low energy consumption

Regarding conditions and facilities.the fuel consumed can be gas,gasoil or electricity.

Low volume

Meteor ovens can be installed anywhere and can be easily assembled and passed through the smallest door.

High efficiency

Furnace insulation is such that while preventing energy loss, the outer wall is always cool and never lets heat out of the oven.

SHAHAB Rotary Oven

A variety of pastry ovens, fancy bread ovens, tunnel ovens, thermal boilers

  • The m/c control system needs no skill for use and any beginner can use it conveniemtly. Model FW809/25 makes any kind of baking possible.
  • Shahab compact systems occupy a little room and backing is effected uniformly. Large check glasses let you observe the baking process.
  • Shahab FW809/25 oven lets you guickly attain high and low temperatures.Compatible with any climatic conditions, Shahab ovens are also qualitatively guaranteed.
  • Our technicians and repairmen are always ready to offer after sales services and their know-how.We are Pleased to provide your required information.

Fancy bread oven

  • Small size

    The system is compact , yet , capable of containing 32 dishes. It thus occupies less room, warms up very quickly and consumes less gas.

  • Higher quality

    No hot/cold rolled sheets have been used in it. All its body is of galvanized sheets which do not yield to humidity , heat , corrosion and rust.

  • Low gas consumption

    The furnace enjoys lots of hot air circulation pipes to prevent hot air from contacting the exhaust. As a result, the system, warms up quickly with the least possible gas consumption.

  • Beauty

    Its face is of thick antimagnetic steel which provides aesthetics and ease of cleaning.

Easy to set up and control for quality cooking

The oven is made in such a way that its components and parts are easily visible and easily accessible.Shahab’s new oven machine has all the features and quality of traditional ovens.Fancy bread oven

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